ACQUISITION FRENZY: Google-Aardvark, FundingUniverse-TwitJump, Dell-KACE, Break Media-FileFront, SunPower-SunRay, Zynga-Serious Business

Google Buys Aardvark

Google Inc. (NASDAQ:GOOG) has bought for about $50 million. Aardvark is a social search engine founded by several former Google executives [TechCrunch]. Here’s how Aardvark works:
1. Send Aardvark a question.
2. Aardvark finds the perfect person to answer.
3. Get their response in a few minutes.

FundingUniverse Buys TwitJump

FundingUniverse is an incubator firm that connects investors to entrepreneurs. Today FundingUniverse has acquired TwitJump. TwitJump has about 2,000 customers that send about 10,000 customer inquiries every month. TwitJump is offers basic services for free and premium accounts for a fee. TwitJump helps you manage the search for customers, manage analytics, and schedule tweets. [NewsWire]

Dell Buys KACE

Dell Inc. (NASDAQ:DELL) has acquired KACE, a systems management appliance company. This will expand Dell’s systems management services. KACE sells KBOX applicances with system management capabilities to IT managers at SMBs and public organizations. [Dell PR]

Break Media Buys FileFront

Break Media has acquired, a social gaming studio for “seven figures.” FileFront launched in 2001 as a video games and downloads website. They were sold to Ziff Davis in 2005 and was added to their 1UP network. 1Up was sold to Hearst, but Ziff Davis kept FileFront. Ziff was about to kill FileFront, but the management team bought it back and sold it to Break Media. FileFront receives about 9 million uniques per month. [paidContent]

SunPower Buys SunRay

SunPower Corporation (NASDAQ: SPWRA) has agreed to acquire SunRay for $277 million. SunPower is a San Jose, California based solar cell and panel manufacturing company. SunRay Renewable Energy is a European solar plant developer company [Bloomberg].

Zynga Buys Serious Business

Social network gaming company Zynga has acquired Serious Business. Serious Business designed a popular Facebook game called Friends for Sale. Friends For Sale is played by over 6 million people every month. Lightspeed Venture Partners is an investor in Serious Business [WSJ].

This article was written by Amit Chowdhry. You can follow me at @amitchowdhry or on Google+ at

ACQUISITION FRENZY: Google-Aardvark, FundingUniverse-TwitJump, Dell-KACE, Break Media-FileFront, SunPower-SunRay, Zynga-Serious Business Comments

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