The 20 Best Music Social Networks

Music is universally one of the most powerful forms of entertainment. People that capitalize on this form of entertainment have a strong sense of what sounds pleasing to consumers. Consumers themselves have also been forming their own music communities in the form of social networks since the beginning of the digital age. Below is a list of the top 20 these music social networks:

20. May Contain Music

May Contain Music is a small music social network that hosts music, event information, venue information, and videos.

19. Flotones is small music social network that shares revenue with indie artists. You can browse digital songs, ringtones, music blogs, albums, artists, and mobile wallpapers on the website.

18. Yibster is a smaller music social network that has albums, videos, musician profiles, games, events, etc. Profiles can be customized similarly to MySpace layouts.

17. Muso City

Muso City is a music social network where music fans, artists, and retailers can connect to each other. Indie artists can also add MP3s to the website.

16. ShareTheMusic is a website that hosts over 60,000 songs and acts as the middleman for people that want to share music. The service works in about seven different languages.

15. Gogoyoko

Gogoyoko is a music social network that has the ability to stream and share music. Music players can be customized. Artists can set the price of the music and they also get 100% of the profit.

14. Quarterlife

Quarterlife is a medium-sized music social network that has show information, a My Studio section, Events, Groups, Chat, classifieds, etc.

13. is a music social network where artists can request fans to help fund a music project. You can choose to withdraw the money in between the time of the fund raising efforts up until the Target Budget is reached. Listening to music and browsing the website is free. Currently a Public Enemy rap album is being funded (Flava Flav’s band).

12. is an electronic music social network and forum. Other features include event information news, charts, a DJ database, and MP3 downloads.


IndabaMusic is community of artists to mingle and make music together by recording tracks online. One of their featured programs is a remix content for a Weezer song.


Midomi is a music search engine tool that is powered by your voice. You can sing, hum, or whistle a song and your performance will be added to a database. After singing and recording a song online, the end result can be sent to friends and other Midomi users. Midomi sells full albums and individual tracks.

9. Amie Street

Amie Street is an independent music download website where indie artists can sell their music and share revenue with the music social network. The community decides the price of the music based on the popularity. The more a song is download, the higher a price becomes. The top songs are sold for $0.98.

8. iJigg

iJigg is a music social network where users can submit and rate music. After uploading music, you can embed it into your Facebook profile or blog.

7. JamGlue

JamGlue allows artists to upload music and get attention for upcoming releases. Artists can also build a remix contest campaign around their music. Fans can remix tracks through JamGlue.

6. ReverbNation

ReverbNation is a music marketing platform that is used by across 500,000 artists, managers, labels, etc. ReverbNation provides free/affordable venues to grow musical influence on the Internet.

5. is a music social network that receives 10 million monthly unique visitors per month. MOG has about 900 contributors on their blog network too. MOG raised $12.5 million in funding from UMG, Sony Music, Menlo Ventures, and Simon Equity.

4. is a music social network that receives about 150,000 unique visitors per day. iLike is a subsidiary of MySpace. It continues to operate independently unlike previous competitor iMeem was also acquired by MySpace and was rolled into MySpace Music.

3. Buzznet

Buzznet is a social media music network where users can share content through profiles or messages. Buzznet is categorized by Music News, Photos, Galleries, Videos, Community, Artists, and Contests.

2. is a music community that was founded in 2002 and was bought by CBS for $280 million in May 2007. Users can create custom radio stations and playlists. Users can build a profile based on their music tastes. Users can also write public and private messages to the community. There is a major focus on Groups and Events too.

1. MySpace Music

MySpace Music is a subsidiary of News Corporation. MySpace Music recently started testing audio advertisements and they have some of the strongest marketing powers out of all the music social networks. Features include My Music, Charts, Featured Playlists, Music Videos, New Releases, Karaoke, Shows, and Forums.

This article was written by Amit Chowdhry. You can follow me at @amitchowdhry or on Google+ at

The 20 Best Music Social Networks Comments

  1. Bas says:

    What about SoundCloud? Much better than at least half of the networks mentioned :-)

    • jborn says:

      grooveshark? pandora? seems like you threw this list together without doing much research :P

    • katzinjamma says:

      exactly. im closing myspace which they say is the best .. yeah the best at being spammed where you cant use your email to actually converse with the million who NEVER respond .. lol but they love sending you invites to facebook, twitter or a gigs across the globe.

      • katzinjamma says:

        hands down reverb is the best, you dont get so spammed and you can use your own site with the widgets and have the reverb platform keep track for you, facebook is as good but both these site are not friend request friendly.

        • katzinjamma says:

          So I have reopened a myspace music and personal page to give it another opportunity and so far there are still no one there .. lol .. but so far the spammers arent there either so that’s a plus. It is good though for information on what the signed acts are doing.

  2. Amit Chowdhry ( says:

    Holy crap you're right. I don't know how I missed that one when I was Googling music social networks.

  3. Jonathan says:

    Thanks for the list! Our site,, will be up within the coming months. We'll be offering the standard social networking features we all use along with some unique features for both artists and listeners. We're also on Facebook, Myspace, and Twitter under the Hyped Sound name. Hopefully we'll be another great musical tool for artists and their fans.

  4. ShareTheMusic Team says: does not host and/or store any music but you can listen to music for free and legally :)
    Now there are over 75000 songs at the service. Site is currently available in 8 languages!

  5. manymoods says:

    definitely add and

  6. indiedog says:

    You forgot to mention, which lets you discover music from indie artists you have probably never heard of, and you can listen while you browse without interruption. Playlists are super easy to create, and the whole thing is free :)

  7. Lucas G. says:

    And what about

  8. Bob says: is a new social network which plans on catering to independent bands. Just getting it set up, but hopefully it will be a nice hub for independent artists.

  9. Marty says: should definitely be on this list. It's got a music social network, free "" email addresses along with streaming music, interviews and album reviews. Really cool site.

  10. @sharemyguitar says: is a social community for guitarists where they can share music, videos and pics. Lots of other nice features like video chat, guitar groups, forum, classifieds and more. If you or someone you know plays guitar, is the place to network.

  11. Phil Thorne says:

    You should also check out Has a lot of great features I think you would find useful. Phil from wedding toasting flutes

  12. webmistress says:

    Thanks for the list, cool to see this also it would be more better (imo) if more sites offered new and upcoming artist the availibility to "sell" the music to the masses…I never really understood the free downloading deal with new music…do people really opt to buy something that they can hear for free??
    Samples of songs should only be free not the entire song, but it all depends on the individual artists I guess

  13. Nick says:

    Good list. is also coming up a a new network for people to sell original beats and tracks.

  14. Terry says:

    Even better, offers a social network where artists can promote themselves, sell their work, and connect with their fans and other musicians. The site's not fully launched yet, but you can preregister now and they'll let you know when it's up and running.

  15. Bianca says:

    Check out…the new era of music networks!! Sell your songs, market yourself and make the profit right away…is new, is innovative and is FREE. Your fans will thank you! COMING MONDAY

  16. Gonzalez says:

    There is almost 150000 unique songs on including the most popular artists and bands from major record companies and indies as well.

  17. Rob Wallace says:

    I guess the only was to determine how these sites might be valuable for promotions and sales is to just get in there and see. Some of these are probably free music sites which don't work for my group. Thin line walk these days I guess. Meaning, got get out there, people pirate, the lower level infrequent buys aren't looking to buy music on MySpace — know what I mean?

  18. Matt Franks says:

    I would like to introduce everyone to It's a new social music, video website. You can create your own albums, upload and download music free. Sell your music free. Add your websites, photos, customize your profile, get friends, get fans, comment, connect, blogs, shows, events. All accounts are free. We are even offering free site wide promotion for all members. Have a site or band you want advertised let us know.

  19. William says:

    Sound Swift is a great site and does not have all of the clutter of the other sites. Lots of good folks on there willing to help you out too!

  20. Shatru says:

    Muzigle, the name that reverberates like a soulful and soothing symphony and it brings many varieties of music to global Indians. As one of the world’s largest social music media networks, empowers the way you listen, buy, download, share, promote, and learn music.

  21. daniel says:

    add there! they are young but looking promising.

  22. katy says: the new music social network :)

  23. Carmen says:

    Neetmet ( ) il social network dedicato alla musica per band emergenti e appassionati di musica :)

  24. HitMe1 says:

    What about – That's a great social music network.

  25. Gil says:

    A startup with a TON of potential. Blows BandCamp/RN/SoundCloud out of the water, me thinks.

  26. mutikasa says: , not netwrok but a place for music

  27. PitchMyStuff says: is a free to join music website offering a number of services for anyone in the industry such as quick and inexpensive Music Copyright, cheap global Digital Music Distribution, a comprehensive Music Collaboration Suite and many more, all based around a huge dedicated Music Social Network which is free to join and provides professional profiles and some awesome free Music, Lyric and Event pages to present your work!

    Designed and created for ALL music individuals, whether you're a music Fan, a Band, a Group, Solo Artists, DJ, MC, Lyricist, Songwriter, Record Label, Music Venue or simply anyone in the music industry, there's something for everyone!

    It's FREE to join and full of music people so if you're serious about your music career or just love music, join the crowd and be part of the new music revolution – ….fast forward your music career.

    • David R Junior says:

      This sounds really good, i’m gonna check it out now! Thanks :)

    • Sarah says:

      Hi guys! I heard about this site ( from a band that play in my local bar, they were handing out cards with your site on it! I’ve joined now I know its FREE!

      Keep up the good work guys!


  28. Jeremy says:

    [youtube 1aTbd_ZIU-E&feature=plcp&context=C33e6ed3UDOEgsToPDskKhOcubLxgyjm0C7fyJQ5UV youtube]
    I believe ( should be on this list as well. One of the better online communities for musicians I came across. Unlike facebook, youtube and the like, limebooth is solely for musicians, dancers and their fans. Your work won't be lost in the clutter like it would on YouTube.

  29. David says:

    I just launched a new social network for musicians called pro sound central and we are looking for some dedicated members to join the moderator team.

  30. Thirst Ligjht says:

    we are a new Labbel”New singer””

  31. Billy says: is a music social network where producers can send beats to signed and unsigned artists. Check it out and give feedback.

  32. Faye says: was made not only to be a social network for artists and musicians….. but a free source of entertainment. This way, artists gain free exposure to new fans and fans gain free entertainment and the ability to discover new talent. Check it out!!

  33. Vini says:

    what about

  34. dj techsounds says:

  35. Cuba says:

    We just recently launched our Network

    We showcase videos via one of are custom channels ( over 50 cahnnels and growing) and we promote music for free via social media. gaining views and fans for artist.
    We are currently adding HIPHOP artist but will expand to all genres soon thanks

  36. Pheonix Rising says:

    D/L SON OF MAN & 69 TEN TRIBES WILL RISE FREE (Tribute To The Prophet MUAMMAR GADDAFI -Legendary Legacy Living Onto Every Mountain Peek)

  37. Mike Mint says:

    Mint Music is an independent artist social network that offers radio play with royalties and music sales with no commission. http:/// Be MINT!

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