Why WordPress.com Went Down

Blog hosting website WordPress.com went offline for about 110 minutes. This caused 10.2 million blogs to go offline and deprived them of receiving about 5.5 million pageviews. The reason why WordPress.com went offline was because of a core router change by a data center. All of the data is safe, but just could not be served. “The entire team was on pins and needles trying to get your blogs back as soon as possible. I hope it will be much longer than four years before we face a problem like this again,” stated WordPress founding developer Matt Mullenweg. [WP Company Blog]

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Why WordPress.com Went Down Comments

  1. r4_kaart_kopen says:

    It was not only the team that was on pins and needles, but anyway I hope this was the last time something like this happens :P
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  2. Amit Chowdhry (Pulse2.com) says:

    Yeah I can't even imagine how much revenue was lost by the website owners collectively too.

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