ExactTarget Acquires Twitter CRM Tool CoTweet

CoTweet is a Twitter analytics tool that is used by many major brands such as Ford and JetBlue. ExactTarget has acquired CoTweet as part of a strategy to roll the software into their own business. ”By combining the power of ExactTarget and CoTweet (cotweet), we can provide businesses a complete solution to tie together all forms of interactive communications and drive deeper customer engagement online,” stated ExactTarget CEO Scott Dorsey.

ExactTarget is an e-mail marketing firm that earned about $114 million in revenue for 2009. CoTweet charges about $1,500 per month for their Twitter analytics service to clients. Below is a video about how the organizations will connect with each other. [Mashable]

Email Marketing Meets Social Media – ExactTarget & CoTweet from ExactTarget on Vimeo.

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ExactTarget Acquires Twitter CRM Tool CoTweet Comments

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