Google China ( Now Being Redirected to Google Hong Kong (

Google and other 20 U.S. companies were victims to a cyber attack that originated from China. This was done in an attempt to limit free speech on the web. There is also persistent blocking of websites such as Blogger, Facebook, Google, Twitter, YouTube, and Google Docs. Google decided to stop censoring content in China to comply with government regulation.

Now when users visit, the browser will be redirected to Google will continue to research and develop in China, but searching on Google will be done through servers in Hong Kong and will be uncensored. The official announcement was made by Google SVP of Corporate Development and Chief Legal Officer David Drummond on the Google Blog. [Google Blog]

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Google China ( Now Being Redirected to Google Hong Kong ( Comments

  1. NQ Logic says:

    A month ago, NQ Logic predicted that Google will move out of China. Today saw Google officially transplanting its Chinese base to its Hong Kong facilities. This value clash between an Internet company and an information-controlled country will continue to be present at every Multinational Technology executive board, and with Google’s disclosure, other U.S. technology companies will have a harder time to explain why they are still doing business in China.

    For a better and complete understanding of the situation, NQ Logic encourages you to read “Google Vs. China” at

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