Apple Boycotts Ads On Fox News Because Of Glenn Beck

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) and about 200 other advertisers “joined a boycott” against Fox News because of Glenn Beck’s program. Apple abandoned Fox News altogether. This makes it difficult for Fox to sell ads. Now Fox News is dealing with smaller firms to sell ad space.

Glenn Beck has called President Obama a racist and even called progressivism “cancer.” Katie Couric once asked Beck about what he thinks when critics says that he “resorts to inflammatory, unfair, despicable, hateful rhetoric.” Beck responded by saying: “Did they say that when I was saying the same things about George W. Bush, or is this new?” [WashingtonPost]

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Apple Boycotts Ads On Fox News Because Of Glenn Beck Comments

  1. PujaR says:

    Beck is an idiot. All advertisers should ditch Fox maybe that'll get them to drop Beck.

  2. Amit Chowdhry ( says:

    His theatrics are definitely helping Fox's ratings. But it gives Jon Stewart plenty of fuel for his jokes.

  3. flyright66 says:

    Anyone who accuses Beck of this crap has never sat and actually watched or listened to him. Period!

  4. sdf says:

    I, personally, am a news junkie and I watch almost ALL of the news networks….CNN, MSNBC (when I can stomach THEIR own brand of vitriol), ABC, FOX, CBS and CSPAN.
    Other than CSPAN, FOX is the only network news channel that even attempts to balance its news shows with opposite points of view.
    I was watching Chris Matthews last night as he interviewed two people about some stupid subject…..including Matthews all three of those guys completely agreed with each other about what they were discussing and it was, of course, the leftist viewpoint.
    If you turn on FOX news shows they always have someone, whether it is Juan Williams or Mara Liasson of NPR fame or other liberal commentators on their Sunday Business News show to “balance out” their own conservatives.
    Yes, Beck is outrageous but what about that maniac Keith Olberman over at MSNBC? The problem with all this censoring of FOX or anyone else is that it is just that…..censorship.

  5. Matthew says:

    Thank God for Glenn Beck! If it wasn't for him we'd be a communist society by now. I just don't understand the nay sayers who just shout ugly words at GB instead of proving him wrong? Well I guess I do really, because the nay sayers have no 'evidence' such as GB continuously shows his audience! GB consistently shows nothing but direct evidence in 'their own words' usually direct video quotes of the communists and socialists who want to overthrow this Republic! The nay sayers who have nothing but innuendo without facts to back them up. I say you all like progressive communism so much why not immigrate to Korea, China, Venezuela, or the USSR? I'm sure they have a wonderful job for you in the salt mines somewhere!!!

    • Peter Klein says:

      I'm in Korea. I left becuase the United States is a difficult place to live due to people of Beck's ilk. Sorry, it's not so terrible here. I've been here four years.

      So what is it that Beck has done, personally, to keep the republic free? I think he has no hand in government. I think he's a TV personality. So tell me how is it that he has individually saved our country without any official public duties. It seems that the debate in and compromise is working well, as the founding fathers intended. Maybe that's what's keeping those things at bay.

    • Peter Klein says:

      And who, exactly has changed the constitution and government bodies to a totalitarian form of government. I still see people voting, and the president of our choice leading, the courts trying to interpret laws and congress arguing away, trying to find a middle road in the rule of law. I think you people have no idea what communism is. On the otherhand, capitalism is not written anywhere in our constitution, and the greed of that particular form of economics is the biggest threat to the world. Perhaps you should worry about the warmongering, military spending, capitalists who really control this country. They are the biggest threat to world peace and domestic tranquility. They are the blight on the Jeffersonian ideal of equality for all. Read about Jefferson. You'll find that the basis for everything he did in forming our government was to insure equality for all, even financially. His greatest desire was to see all men make a fair living and he saw capitalist institutions as a greatest threat to that possibility. Do you think Jefferson was a communist too?

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