Nissan Leaf Electric Car To Cost $25K After Tax Credits

Nissan announced today that the Leaf electric car will cost about $32,780.  After a federal tax credit of $7,500, the car will cost about $25,280.  The Nissan Leaf competitor Chevy Volt will cost about $32,500 after the federal tax credit.

The Leaf will be going on sale this December, which is about a month after the Volt is released.  Infiniti will also be making a luxury version of the Leaf.

“We’ve been working in lithium ion batteries for 17 years,” stated Nissan director of product planning Mark Perry. “So all that advanced research and engineering work we’ve [already] paid for.” The Nissan LEAF will have an iPhone application available for checking temperature and battery levels. [CNN]

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Nissan Leaf Electric Car To Cost $25K After Tax Credits Comments

  1. Genko says:

    I think this paramount increase in the selling price of leaf will invalidate its capabilities to sell well. Given that they have the best aesthetics (both interior and exterior) I dont know if that will suffice the influx of the price to the target market. Guess they have to minimize the cost production or even apply to lower the price of the tax being imposed to them. They can start this by designing a more pratical and cost effective parts such as dash pad, engine, and other more eco friendly yet low cost raw material.

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