Tomorrow is Tax Day in the United States. It is the day where tax returns are due to the federal and state governments from U.S. citizens, resident aliens, etc. April 15 has been Tax Day since 1955. The tax system in the U.S. can be quite complex so Pulse2 decided to compile a list of infographics that shows some interesting facts about it. There is also one infographic in here from The Onion about celebrity tax deductions. Check out the full list below:

1. The Complexity of the U.S. Tax System

This infographic was designed for QuickSprout.com. The infographic points out that there are 138 million tax payers in the U.S. and how complex the actual system is. In 1913, the tax code was 400 pages and today it is 70,320 pages. Another fun fact from the infographic: $2.5 trillion is paid in taxes per year. [Link]

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  1. jasonlankow says:

    The Marijuana infographic is from http://www.sloshspot.com/blog/11-13-2009/If-Mar… not reason.com. You might also like the king of tax infographics at www.deathandtaxesposter.com


  2. Amit Chowdhry (Pulse2.com) says:

    Updated the post and changed the link to Sloshspot instead of Reason.com. Thanks Jason.

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