Foursquare Hits 1 Million Users

Within the last 24 hours, geolocation social networking service Foursquare has hit 1 million users. The one millionth user has the username QuakeHOLD I. and he or she is from Escondido, California. During the SXSW conference, Foursquare signed up about 120,000 users. Foursquare started a little bit over a year ago. The company is rumored to be courted by major software companies for an acquisition. Microsoft, Yahoo!, and Facebook are three companies rumored to have approached Foursquare to buy them out. [TechCrunch]

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  1. wine clubs says:

    Pretty amazing to think I saw the companies listed and thought to myself, well if FB wants them not only is that the best fit, but no one can compete with them financially either if Google isn't involved. MSFT has almost fallen off the map, they are going much the path of IBM into 2nd class status

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