Yahoo! CEO Carol Bartz Trash Talks Google, Gets $47.2M Annual Salary

Yahoo! Inc. (NASDAQ:YHOO) CEO Carol Bartz received a $47.2 million salary during her first year at the company. The salary information was revealed in a regulatory filing for the SEC and consisted mainly of stock incentives. In her first year at Yahoo!, she made a search partnership with Microsoft, closed unprofitable services, laid off workers, and found effective ways to cut costs. Bartz’s actual salary is significantly higher than Google CEO Eric Schmidt’s $245,322 pay from last year. However Schmidt is a multibillionaire due to his significant ownership in Google stock.

In an interview with the BBC, Bartz had some words of advice for Google. She said that Google will have a problem if they do not diversify their business from just search. “Google is going to have a problem because Google is only known for search,” said Bartz. “Google has to grow a company the size of Yahoo every year to be interesting.” [NYT and BBC]

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Yahoo! CEO Carol Bartz Trash Talks Google, Gets $47.2M Annual Salary Comments

  1. finance_today says:

    Bartz has proven herself to be agressive, foulmouthed, and utterly likable. But she still has to prove she can fix Yahoo! After a deal with Microsoft, Yahoo! is transforming from a search engine to a Web portal — one that, if Bartz is right, will attract new users (and new revenue) by trimming unwieldy Web searches down to personalized streams of information. She has her skeptics. But Bartz is right a lot, and most CEOs of her caliber don't earn their pay by luck.

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