Hewlett Packard Cancels Windows 7 Tablet Project

Hewlett Packard has decided to cancel the HP Slate project. The Slate was supposed to be a tablet PC with Windows 7 built in. Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer presented the device at the CES 2010 event this past January in Las Vegas. While it is uncertain why they were canceling the project, it is rumored to be because HP was unsatisfied with the project. Perhaps HP’s acquisition of Palm influenced the decision to cancel the project as well. [TechCrunch]

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Hewlett Packard Cancels Windows 7 Tablet Project Comments

  1. Seth Steen says:

    Oh yeah! webOS is the BEST. I'm glad the canceled the Windows Phone 7 tablet. Windows Phone 7 is even more locked down than the iPhone with less ability (NO copy+paste, file access, multitasking, integration, etc.) and less apps

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