Zynga May Be Valued At About $4 Billion

Zynga has filed a report that authorized the issuance of 1.9 million shares of Series B-2 Preferred Stock at an issue price of $12.87 per share. According to Lou Kerner of SecondShares.com, this gives Zynga a $4 billion valuation based on an estimate of 320 million shares outstanding. No word on who the shares are being bought by, but it may have something to do with Zynga’s partnership with Softbank in Japan. [BusinessInsider]

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Zynga May Be Valued At About $4 Billion Comments

  1. wine club says:

    I saw this a while ago and still have a hard time believing it. Is Zynga really worth 1/4th what MSFT is? Pretty crazy they've made that much money making role playing games that look like they are out of 1975.

    Pretty cool though as an example of the power of social media.

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