List of 15+ WordPress Comment Plugins

WordPress is one of the most popular blog platforms.  It is highly customizable and there is an ecosystem that revolves around the WordPress community.  One of the most important aspects of a WordPress blog is the comments.  Here is a list of tools available for customizing the comment system around WordPress.

1. Akismet – Akismet is a built in WordPress spam tool. WordPress currently comes with this plugin already installed, but if you are using an older version of WordPress, then it is absolutely necessary that you have this plugin. One time I had it disabled and had to delete over 2,000 spam comments manually.

2. Bad Behavior – Bad Behavior is a link spam solution that acts as a gatekeeper from spammers.

3. CommentCentral – CommentCentral allows moderators to open and close comments on multiple posts in batches.

4. Comment Highlighter – Comment Highlighter is a WordPress plugin that helps users add different style classes to comments.  For example, you can add a different background color to every other comment or add a different style if you are the blog owner/author.

5. Comment Timeout -Comment Timeout closes the comments on old blog posts based on specifications that you can control.  You can set a cutoff number of comments for posts or set the comment cutoff time based on the number of days since the last approved comment.

6. Custom Smilies – Custom Smilies lets you personalize posts and comments using smilies that you choose instead of the default ones WordPress use.

7. Did You Pass Math? – A spam prevention tool that asks readers to answer a math question before being able to add a comment.

8. DISQUS Comments – Disqus was founded in 2007 by Daniel Ha and Jason Yan.  The company received investment from Union Square and Y Combinator.  DISQUS has features such as comment threading, social trackbacks, Facebook Connect, tweeting posts, etc.

9. Edit Comments XT – Edit Comments XT is a WordPress plugin lets users edit their comments.  The user is detected baed on the IP address that they used to make on the original comment.

10. Favatars – Favatars uses the favicon from a commenter’s blog or website and uses that as the avatar for their comments.

11. Gravatar – Gravatar is a service that is integrated with WordPress to display an avatar that you select along blog post comments.

12. IntenseDebate – IntenseDebate is an alternative to DISQUS.  IntenseDebate was developed by the team behind WordPress themselves.  The IntenseDebate plugin includes threaded comments, Facebook Connect, social trackbacks, Twitter connect, etc.  The nice thing about IntenseDebate is that it has its own plugins too.

13. Live Comment Preview – Live Comment Preview lets blog readers preview their comment before hitting submit.

14. Nicer Trackbacks – Nicer Trackbacks makes the appearance of trackback links look better than the standard trackback.

15. Numbered Comments – Numbered Comments adds a number in front of every comment left on a blog post.

16. Quoter – Quoter lets commenters add quotes in a way that is similar to forums.

17. Simple coComments – Simple CoComments lets users track conversations across multiple blogs.

TinyMCEComments – Adds a WYSIWYG editor to blog comments

This article was written by Amit Chowdhry. You can follow me at @amitchowdhry or on Google+ at

List of 15+ WordPress Comment Plugins Comments

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  2. benwaynet says:

    Nice, list.
    I see you stuck with ID.
    I'm using Disqus, but recently considered dropping them. Looking at the value to my readers, I'm not sure its there.
    ID also has a nice API system for 3rd party plugins to tie into, like commentluv

    • Amit Chowdhry says:

      Definitely. I'm a huge ID fan now because adding third party plugins are easier and the interface looks a bit cleaner than Disqus. Plus I could never get Facebook Connect to work with DISQUS and it took me little effort to set it up with ID.

  3. Luke says:

    Nice stuff im going to post a link to this page on my Facebook fan

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    I’m a huge ID fan now because adding third party plugins are easier and the interface looks a bit cleaner than Disqus. Plus I could never get Facebook Connect to work with DISQUS and it took me little effort to set it up with ID.
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