Keyboard Cat Appears On American Dad [VIDEO]

Looks like American Dad creator Seth MacFarlane must be a fan of Fatso the keyboard cat on YouTube. In the clip below, Stan, the main character of American Dad had an accident in the pool and some tribes people watched it on their iPhone. The keyboard cat appears after Stan’s clip plays. The video embedded below fast forwards directly to that scene.


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Keyboard Cat Appears On American Dad [VIDEO] Comments

  1. Jason Surber says:

    This was a hilarious episode, but American Dad has been a hilarious show since it first started. I was on the fence for a while, but the show reeled me in for laughs. Working nights at DISH network, meant that I used to be stuck to watching it on the DVR, which is nice because I can skip through commercials but I like to watch live TV, and when I upgraded my receiver, I went ahead and purchased a sling adapter for it as well, so I can stream all my live tv channels to my iphone no matter where I am at in the world.

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