Stardust Entertainment Has The Worst Wedding DJ Ever [VIRAL VIDEO]

This video is creeping up on the viral video charts. It features a DJ and his female sidekick. Watch what happens. Its totally uncalled for.

[ via HuffPo]

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Stardust Entertainment Has The Worst Wedding DJ Ever [VIRAL VIDEO] Comments

  1. laughalot says:

    funniest thing I've seen in a long time!

  2. douchey says:

    this site sucks. unplug it. contributes nothing.

  3. Jodi Harris says:

    Is there such a company? Why haven't they defended themselves? Wow.

  4. M in Hawaii says:

    The DJ is named "Fast Eddie" (how appropriate) and is based in Lancaster, PA. If you read the comments on the original youtube page ( ) you will find the groom from the wedding (MetusRivers) telling details about what happened.

    • ChuckWagon says:

      He is NOT located in PA. He is actually located in Ormond Beach Fla just north of Daytona. he has no affiliation with anyone in Lancaster or the surrounding area. I know him personally and is as much a jack hole as he appears on this and other youtube videos

  5. jack says:

    played her like his bitch

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