Pennsylvania Attorney General Tom Corbett Sends Subpoena To Twitter

Pennsylvania Attorney General Tom Corbett has sent a subpoena to Twitter. Corbett is asking Twitter to “testify and give evidence regarding alleged violations of the laws of Pennsylvania”.

Corbett is asking Twitter to provide information about the accounts @bfbarbie and @CasaBlancaPA. Both of these individuals have been highly critical of Corbett on Twitter. Corbett is asking Twitter to provide the name, contact information, address, creation dates, and IP address information about the accounts. Below are a few tweets sent out from the accounts that Corbett is seeking the contact information about:

Is it wrong to mix campaign work with taxpayer business? Apparently not when Tom Corbett does it: #bonusgate #pagovraceless than a minute ago via web

Corbett erupts at campaign event; security tries to eject questioner #bonusgate #pagovraceless than a minute ago via web

Quiz! Who sputters with indignation over failure to recuse from cases involving contributors? #bonusgate #pagovraceless than a minute ago via web


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Pennsylvania Attorney General Tom Corbett Sends Subpoena To Twitter Comments

  1. Justicedenied says:

    Corbett covered up corruption, fraud, and criminal misconduct in his own office, according to his former Senior Deputy Attorney General. Corbett's Financial Enforcement Section, which collects hundreds of millions of dollars for various state agencies, has lost millions of dollars because of no-bid deals that gave preferred collection agencies commissions of up to 40 percent to collect payments for which they did little or no work and allowed them to hold onto the money without paying interest, the federal suit alleges. The suit was filed by Thomas Kimmett, who ran the unit for Corbett and tried unsuccessfully to persuade Corbett to stop the misconduct. Kimmett alleged other special deals. In one case, a taxpayer who owed $913,000 was given a settlement of $20,000 with no paperwork or backup, he alleged. Kimmett’s case against Corbett is expected to go to trial in August.

  2. Corbetthasconflicts says:

    Corbett uses his office to ruthlessly pursue political enemies while campaigning for PA Governor. In these political prosecutions, 272 – or 85 percent – of the 322 counts brought to court by Corbett’s prosecutors have been dismissed or ended in “not guilty” verdicts. Corbett won guilty verdicts in only 15 percent of the counts – and some of those are being appealed. People are afraid to use their real names because Corbett will trump up charges and indict them. Example: Corbett charged Sharon Rodavich, a key campaign field operative of Bill DeWeese, one of the most powerful (and honest) Democrats in the state, with ghost payrolling. Corbett said she did "no legislative work." Sharon has more than 100 witnesses and extensive evidence of her years of work on state issues. Prosecutors refused to accept this evidence or bring it to the Grand Jury. Another example is Democratic Representative Sean Ramaley, who Corbett charged before his race for a state Senate seat. Ramaley dropped out, a Republican got his seat, and Ramaley was exonerated on all counts by a jury. But Corbett got what he wanted: one more Republican seat in a state that's critical for the national presidential race.

  3. Justicedenied says:

    Corbett is a Bush appointee and former General Counsel of Waste Management. Need we say any more?

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