GM Launches VC Firm General Motors Ventures LLC

General Motors has formed a venture capital subsidiary called Geenral Motors Ventures LLC. GM plans to invest in start-ups that develop technologies in the automotive sector. The initial investment General Motors Ventures LLC will start with is $100 million. The subsidiary will be led by GM VP of global product planning Jon Lauckner. Lauckner will report to GM vice chairman of corporate strategy Stephen Girsky. [Reuters]

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GM Launches VC Firm General Motors Ventures LLC Comments

  1. stephen russell says:

    GMVenture should examine auto concepts in & Yanko Design & aside for Ideas alone.
    Hire New non auto Blood for Co.
    Be daring GM.

  2. Stephen Russell says:

    GMVenture should examine the works of Luigi Colani.for GM projects alone. &,. Tech, Yanko Design.
    Hire Non auto blood for GM Co.
    Hire idea Blood vs Std Auto mindsets.
    Be creative

  3. Amit Chowdhry says:

    Totally agree with you Stephen. I've seen a lot of great concepts on Yanko that could use investment.

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