Rod Blagojevich Tweeting During Federal Trial

Former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich has launched a Twitter account that he is using during the court case. “[L]ooking forward to opening statements because that will unlock the truth… stay tuned,” said Rod in an opening tweet. His trial is going to start tomorrow. You can follow his tweets below (after the jump). You can also follow his wife Patti at @pblagojevich. The account is new and Twitter still has yet to verify the account, but I’m fairly certain that it is real account.

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Rod Blagojevich Tweeting During Federal Trial Comments

  1. laurenbegley says:

    When repairing a tarnished reputation, the social media presence should resonate with the character and consistency of the brand. Unfortunately, Blagojavich’s Twitter account and the press release fit together perfectly with what we’ve come to expect of the former governor. Rather than launching a social media campaign focusing on the “I’m the victim” angle, he would have been wise to position the Twitter account and press release in a way that emphasized transparency, honesty and a willingness to opening engage about his positive attributes.…

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