Congressman Bob Etheridge Grabbing A Student Goes Viral [VIDEO]

Congressman Bob Etheridge grabbed a college student and demanded to ask who he was. Etheridge grabbed the student’s wrist and neck when walking down a sidewalk in Washington D.C. The video was uploaded Monday and hit over one million views quickly on YouTube. “Who are you?” asked the Congressman repeatedly. I won’t be surprised if this video gets remixed quickly. Auto-tune this video anyone? Video after the jump.

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Congressman Bob Etheridge Grabbing A Student Goes Viral [VIDEO] Comments

  1. Fula says:

    This is assault plain and simple…surprised the interviewer didnt call the cops and have this bozo arrested. That was a pretty aggressive assault!

    • pulse20 says:

      Some people are debating whether the students were at fault or the Congressman himself. One thing that is for sure, the Congressman overreacted a bit here.

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