List of 30+ eBay Tools Useful For Buyers and Sellers

Below is a list of 30+ tools commonly used by sellers and buyers for eBay.  The useful tools for buyers are sniping tools.  And the useful tools for sellers are analytics and bulk listing/editing.  Check them out.  If you know of any more, let us know in the comments.

1. AuctionBlox – AuctionBlox is a way to create an online store and easily advertising products on Google, eBay, and other online stores.

2. Auction Hawk – Auction Hawk is an auction management software that turns your business into an online store. Auction Hawk started in 1999 and focuses on driving auctions costs down.

3. AuctionInc – AuctionInc. developed products for making accurate shipping calculations. AuctionInc. said that about 72% of shoppers cite shipping as top reason for shopping cart abandonment. AuctionInc.’s software creates shopping cars with integrated calculators.

4. AuctionSidebar – AuctionSidebar helps you monitor listings, bidding, watching, and selling.

5. Auction Sniper – Auction Sniper is a free eBay sniper that automates the process of placing your bid by the auction closing.

6. AuctionSound – AuctionSound is an eBay Auction Management software that handles all image hosting and has eBay templates. Within the AuctionSound software, there is an inventory management system, eCommerce storefront, sales reporting, and consignor management.

7. AuctionStealer – AuctionStealer lets you schedule bids at your convenience and it gets placed within seconds of the auction ending. AuctionStealer can track an unlimited number of auctions.

8. AuctionTamer – AuctionTamer is a unique multi-website auction software browser program that has an accurate eBay clock, customizable watch list, high bidder updates, color coded auction items, quick buttons for seller feedback and bid history, drag-and-drop auction items, and auto login.

9. AuctionUsername – AuctionUsername allows you to search for usernames that are still available on eBay. This is useful since many of the good names have already been taken.

10. AuctionWizard 2000 – Auction Wizard 2000 is an auction management solution that empowers sellers with many tools. It is compatible with eBay and The installation CD costs $10 and the license costs $100.

11. Auctiva – Auctiva offers tools to become a power seller on eBay. Auctiva has been used by about 1.5 million eBay sellers since launching in 1998.

12. BidBurglar – BidBurglar is an auction sniper that does not require a credit card for signing up.

13. Blackthorne – Blackthorne is software that lets you create professional listings in bulk. It helps you track the status of sales and manage buyer communication. It costs $9.99 per month for the Basic version and $24.99 per month for the Pro version.

14. ChannelAdvisor Marketplaces – ChannelAdvisor helps online retailers distribute inventory and convert shoppers into customers. Marketplaces is a service that lets you manage an unlimited number of eBay listings.

15. eBay Sales Reports – eBay Sales Reports helps you track performance metrics such as eBay business against sales goals, business main drivers, and sales reports.

16. Endicia – Endicia is a service that helps you print postage on the Internet at a cheap price.

17. EzLister – EzLister is a website that has tools for power sellers.

18. GoofBay – Goofbay helps you find cheap products on eBay using typo search. And it also has buyer and seller tools such as sniping. The default is set to eBay UK, but you can always switch that around.

19. ImageShack – ImageShack has free image hosting options. Many eBay sellers use this service to host photos for eBay auctions.

20. Infopia – Infopia is a SaaS e-commerce solution that helps merchants grow their businesses. Infopia uses a Performance Based Retailing system to capture transactional data for e-commerce websites. They also track click through rates and perform other retail analytics.

21. InkFrog – Thousands of eBay sellers use inkFrog to launch and manage listings. InkFrog has features such as multiple listing profiles, bulk editing, scheduling, multi SKU support, live eBay revisions, scrolling widgets, analytics, auto e-mails, auto feedback, image management, templates, and ShipSaver Shipping Insurance.

22. JBidWatcher – JBidWatcher is a free eBay tool that allows you to snipe, track, and bid on auctions at a rapid pace.

23. Marketplace Research – eBay has an internal service that is powered by Terapeak. With eBay Marketplace Research, you can view average selling prices, find the best performing keywords on auctions, track products, and monitor competition.

24. NobleSpirit’s Meridian – NobleSpirit is a great resource for eBay and NobleSpirit is a wholesale supplier of coins, stamps, and paper money for dealers across the world. Meridian can be used to create listings, schedule, and track auctions. There is also a shipping calculator, invoice manager, and payment processor.

25. PhotoBucket – Photobucket is a free image hosting and sharing service. Pictures on Photobucket are commonly used for eBay auctions.

26. – PowerSnipe is an eBay auction sniper service that automatically places bids for you on eBay.

27. ProStores – ProStores allows users to create online stores. eCommerce templates, and set up shopping cart hosting.

28. ReliaBid – ReliaBid enhances the way to handle online business transactions. ReliaBid provides sellers and stores services for handling payments and increasing cash flow.

29. Selling Manager – eBay’s Internal Selling Manager tool is free for all sellers. It is a tool made to help medium volume sellers manage eBay listings. Selling Manager helps you track active listings, general bulk feedback, and print invoices and labels in bulk.

30. SilentSniper – SilentSniper Auction Management Software helps you set up sniping for auctions that are about to end. The software is compatible with Windows and Mac OS X. The cost is $24.95, but it comes with a 14 day demo.

31. Supreme Auction – Supreme Auction is an eBay software tool that lets you create item listings using 500 templates. Supreme Auction also has sales widgets, image hosting, etc.

32. Template-O-Matic – Template-O-Matic has free image hosting, trial use watermarks, and free eBay templates. However you have to buy a listing factory 2009 activation license to use the service. The standard version is $49.95 per year and the Pro version is $89.95 per year.

33. TeraPeak – TeraPeak is an eBay market research tool. You can analyze 90 days of eBay history, monitor seasonal trends, and find average prices for items. TeraPeak has an iPhone app too.

34. Turbo Lister – eBay Turbo Lister is an internal tool that lets you upload and edit items in bulk.

35. TypoTracker – TypoTracker helps you find the cheapest misspelled eBay items.

36. Vendio – Vendio has image hosting, research tools, counters, and customer communication.

37. Zoovy – Zoovy helps sellers lower monthly overhead by automating sales processes and helps manage SEO/PPC. Zoovy was awarded the eBay Star Developer Award in 2004.

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List of 30+ eBay Tools Useful For Buyers and Sellers Comments

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  3. ebayer says:

    BINSniper, WatchSniper,, Auction Streamer, Sidewinder for Firefox,

  4. Winner Takes It All says:

    Too many eBay sellers overpay for postage and mailings. My advice is rent a postage meter with a service that gives you the proper postage rates and stamps/labels that you can print at home, so you don't have to run to the post office every time you sell. I started using pbsmartpostage by Pitney Bowes after a free trial, and it's been a life saver. to try it.

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    Buyer Auction Manager is a FREE software for eBay buyers. It will help you find good deals on eBay by searching for newly posted "Buy It Now" listings. It performs the search every few seconds and displays result in the grid. From there you can double click to see the listing and if you think it's a good deal, you can purchase it.

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