New Chase iPhone App Lets You Deposit Checks With A Picture

The new Chase Mobile iPhone application has a unique feature that makes balancing your budget a lot easier.  Now you do a person-to-person QuickPay to any e-mail address and even deposit checks just by taking a picture of it without the need to step into a local branch (QuickDeposit).  The way it works is by selecting your Checking account that you want to deposit the check in to and take a picture of the front and the back of the check using your iPhone.  Confirm your details and click Submit.  Quick Deposit and QuickPay are both free.  The Chase Mobile app is available for free. [MacLife]

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New Chase iPhone App Lets You Deposit Checks With A Picture Comments

  1. adjei says:

    this app is kool but hope it woundnt increase check fraud.. take a picture of the check and deposit it in ur account and u can cash ur check at the cash point….

  2. jason says:

    needs to let ipod touch 4th gen to deposit cheks.

  3. Ashley says:

    They have it now for ipod touch 4. You probably need to update it. I've tried, but it's really difficult to hold steady when taking a picture.. I wasn't able to do it.

  4. abcd says:

    if you have adequate light, it will be easier to get a sharp image. I always stand by a window.

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