Apple Bans Thuat Nguyen From App Store

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) has banned Thuat Nguyen from the App Store because of fraud. Nguyen managed to get the top 42 of the top 50 sales positions in the Book category of the App Store through “fraudulent purchase patterns.” Apple also mentioned that if your credit card or iTunes password was stolen, they recommend you contact your bank and issue a chargeback. Below (after the jump) is the full memo that Apple sent out.

The developer Thuat Nguyen and his apps were removed from the App Store for violating the developer Program License Agreement, including fraudulent purchase patterns.

Developers do not receive any iTunes confidential customer data when an app is downloaded.

If your credit card or iTunes password is stolen and used on iTunes we recommend that you contact your financial institution and inquire about canceling the card and issuing a chargeback for any unauthorized transactions. We also recommend that you change your iTunes account password immediately. For more information on best practices for password security visit


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Apple Bans Thuat Nguyen From App Store Comments

  1. Dark System says:

    haha he deserves to be banned. he shouldnt be doing this stuff. ass

    • Amit Chowdhry says:

      I agree — This is a step in the right direction for Apple — they have so many apps now, but a good chunk of them are spam/trash.

      • Dark System says:

        Yeah. And i dont know why apple still let it in the app store. Half of it never gets bought anyway

  2. David says:

    Is a class action being drawn? I was affected and Apple was horrible, first insinuating it was my doing and then never admitting or doing anything to correct the situation.

    • pulse20 says:

      Not that I know of. Can you e-mail me your Apple story when you get a chance? My e-mail address is

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