Raises $16 Million has raised $16 million in funding.  Matrix Partners was one of the investors in this round. is competitors with Groupon, a coupon service that encourages local businesses to lower prices if a group of people are involved.  BuyWithMe was founded in Boston and was founded by Andrew Moss.
Cheryl Rosner became CEO of BuyWithMe when she joined in April 2010.  Rosner used to be President/CEO of TicketsNow and is the former President of Expedia Corporate Travel.
BuyWithMe distinguishes itself from Groupon by offering deals that last a week long instead of a 24 hour click that Groupon gives to consumers.  They currently offer their services in NY, DC, Boston, and San Diego and plan to expand to about 20 other markets in 2010.
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  1. Mary says:

    If you are a company/merchant………. beware!!!!!!!!!!!!! BUYWITHME will turn on you at the last minute AND NOT POST YOU DEAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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