17 Year Old Steven Ortiz Swapped An Old Phone For A Porsche

Seventeen year old Glendora, California resident Steven Ortiz used Craigslist 14 times over two years to do some swapping. Bartiz had an old cell phone that was given to him for free by a friend. Steven used the “barter” section on Craigslist to trade it for a better phone.

After having a better phone, he traded that it for an iPod Touch. The iPod Touch was exchanged for a dirtbike. Then he traded that dirtbike for other dirtbikes. He traded the dirtbikes for a MacBook Pro. At this point some people might have stopped there, but Ortiz wanted to keep pushing it.

He traded the MacBook Pro for a Toyota 4Runner. Then he traded the 4Runner for a custom off-road golf cart. The golf cart was exchanged for a more expensive dirtbike. Then the dirtbike was traded for a street bike. The street bike was traded in for a car. That car was traded for other cars until he landed a 1975 Ford Bronco. And the Bronco was ultimately traded for a 2000 Porsche Boxster. He started the experiment at age 15 with a free phone and two years later he is now driving around a nice car. And that is how you turn a free phone from a friend into a Porsche Boxster. [Jalopnik]

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