Comex Releases iPhone 4 Jailbreak

Comex has delivered a jailbreak to the iPhone 4. The hack works on the 3GS, 3G, or iPad too. After Comex announced the Jailbreak, their website was slammed with traffic. An Engadget intern was able to successfully get it to work too. However you should take precaution if you decide to jailbreak your phone, because it could become bricked. And there has been some reports that FaceTime stops working after the jailbreak. [Comex’s Jailbreak via Engadget]

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Comex Releases iPhone 4 Jailbreak Comments

  1. Razvan Rosca says:

    I just found a website with full pics, faqs and tutorials, maybe it'll help – . Helped me a lot because it was simple… JBd my devices (two iPhone 3GS, both with 4.0.1) by following the instructions from there and it all went buttery smooth!

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