List Of Over 100 Facebook Amazing Tools and Applications To Check Out

I’m in the process of creating the ultimate list of Facebook tools and applications to check out.  While this list contains over 100 applications and tools to check out, we will soon be releasing much longer lists with tools and applications that are worth checking out.  If you want your Facebook application or tool to be featured in the next list, do one of the two following actions.

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Without further adieu, below is a list of 100 Facebook applications and tools to check out.

– Fluff friends adds a virtual fluffy pet to your Facebook profile page.

Arrested Development Facebook App
– The Arrested Development Facebook application allows you to show quotes from the TV show that starred Jason Bateman, Michael Cera, etc.

– Autoslideshow is a Firefox plugin that can grab all of the images from the current page you are viewing and display them on a slideshow using Firefox.

Awareness Ribbons
–  You can add ribbons to your Facebook profile from a choice of over 850+ causes and concerns.

– The BarTab Facebook application lets you send $1 drinks to your Facebook friends to use at their favorite bars.  They just need to use their cellphones to redeem the drink.

Blackjack App
– The Blackjack Facebook application adds the card game to your Facebook profile.

Boost for Facebook
– Boost for Facebook is a Firefox add-on that adds Facebook features to your browser including notifications, skins, auto-login, auto-poke, and friends information to the sidebar. Files Facebook App
– The Facebook application allows you to share files on your social network using the 1GB account.

Bumper Sticker
– The Bumper Sticker application has been used by over 23 million Facebook users.  You can view, upload, and share virtual bumper stickers through this app.

Café World – The Cafe World Facebook application by Zynga is very popular.  In this game, users run their own virtual cafes.

Canadian Politics
– The Canadian Politics Facebook application lets you show which Canadian politician your support.

Cars (IQ) App
– The CAR IQ application is an automotive community where you can discover your IQ when it comes to cars.  You can also share pictures and videos of your car.  And you can create a virtual garage.

Catbook App
– The Catbook application is a social network for cat owners.  You can post on the wall and share photos and videos with other cat owners on this application.

Causes – The Causes application is a non-profit community that lets you promote a charity of your choice.
– is a non-profit application that encourages users to become involved in non-profits.

Chess App
– The chess Facebook application adds the game of chess to your profile.

Computers Q&A Facebook App
– The Computers Q&A Facebook application used by a few people that allows you to get answers about Windows, Microsoft Office, etc.

Countdown Calendar App -
The Countdown Calendar application adds a countdown for your custom event on your profile.

Currency Converter Facebook App
– The Currency Converter Facebook application displays the latest exchange rates on your profile.

Daily Bible Verse App
– This application places a new Bible verse on your profile every day.

Deejay App
– The Deejay Facebook application displays your top favorite songs and rotate it on your page. Application – The Digg application allows you to log in to Digg using your Facebook user name and password to digg your favorite stories.  You can also post and submit anything to Digg.

DivShare Facebook App
– The DivShare Facebook application allows you to attach any file to the profile of your friends’ walls.

Dizzler Media Player
– The Dizzler Media Player lets you search for mp3s and videos. You can also create a playlist on the Dizzler application.

– The DogBook application is a social network where dog owners can share photos and videos of their dogs.  You can also use this app to find nearby dog parks and update your dog’s status.

Drink Recipes App
– The drink recipes Facebook application allows you to add specific drink recipes to your Facebook profile.

eBay Auctions App
– The eBay Auctions App shows auctions that you are running on eBay on your Facebook profile page.

– The Eventbrite Facebook application lets you publish your event on Eventbrite.

– Facebar is a Facebook toolbar for Firefox that adds search options, automatic login to your browser.

Facebook Age Checker
– Facebook Age Checker is a Greasemonkey script that converts the birthdays listed on Facebook to a person’s age instead.

Facebook AIM Status Icon
– Facebook AIM Status Icon is a Greasemonkey script that shows when your Facebook friends are logged into AIM.

Facebook Autologin v2
– Facebook Autologin v2 is a service that automatically logs you into Facebook.

Facebook Toolbar
– The Facebook toolbar adds search and activity notifications to the Firefox and IE browser.

Facebook HugBack
– Facebook HugBack makes all pokes display as hugs. These hugs are only visible to you.

Facebook Mobile
– Facebook Mobile is an optimized version of Facebook for viewing the social network on a mobile device.

Facebook Photo Album Downloader (FacePAD)
– This Firefox add-on  allows you to download entire albums from Facebook with one click.

Facebook Poke O’Matic
– This is a Greasemonkey script that allows you to poke all of your Facebook friends at once.

Facebook Video
– The Facebook Video application lets you publish personal videos on Facebook and send video messages to your friends.

Facebook View Photo in Album
– Facebook View Photo in Album is a Greasemonkey script that adds a button to above a picture to see them in an album.

– FacebookMessageSaver is a Greasemonkey script that saves your messages before sending it out.

– Facebookpedia is a Greasemonkey script that shows Wikipedia links for your interests when hovering above it.

Family Guy Quotes Facebook App
– The Family Guy Quotes application shows some of the funniest quotes from the cartoon TV show.

– Fbquick is a desktop application that sends you a notification when someone writes a wall post or pokes you. It also notifies you of new messages, new events, photo tags, shares, etc.

Firefox Universal Uploader
– Firefox Universal Uploader is a tool that you can use to upload and download images to multiple photo services including Facebook.

– This is a Greasemonkey script that shows bigger profile pictures and shows people’s ages on Facebook.

Football Fan Applications
– If you do a search on for football fan applications, almost every team has their own fan page.  This is a link to a Google search on football fan.

Fridge Magnets App – The fridge magnets Facebook application allows your friends to reorganize your fridge for leaving a message.

Friendship Quotes Facebook App
– The friendship quotes application shows quotes about friendship on your profile.

Grafitti Facebook App
– The Grafitti Facebook application is very popular. This application allows you to draw pictures on your friends’ profiles.

Grey’s Anatomy Quotes Facebook App
– The Grey’s Anatomy Facebook Quotes application highlights some of the medical TV show’s most memorable lines.

Hot or Not App
– The Hot or Not Facebook application lets you rate the appearance of Facebook users. You can also find the hottest people through the application.

– The HotLists Facebook application shows the logos of things you identify with.

Horoscopes App
– The Horoscopes Facebook application adds a RockYou horoscope to your page and sends updates every other day for your zodiac sign.

House MD Quotes App
– The House MD Quotes application shows quotes from the intelligent, yet arrogant doctor from the hit TV show.

F*** My Life
– The F*** My Life application adds some FML stories to your profile.

Facebook Exporter for iPhoto
– Facebook Exporter for iPhoto is a free plugin for iPhoto that allows you to export photos directly to Facebook.

– FarmVille by Zynga is one of the most popular Facebook game applications.  Facebook users grow virtual farms using this application.

– FrontierVille by Zynga is a popular Facebook application where you build your own virtual frontier in the wilderness and raise a family.

Friend Wheel App – The Friend Wheel Facebook application creates a colorful wheel that shows all the links between your friends.

Honesty Box App
– The Honest Box application allows you to send and receive anonymous messages.  This way you can find out what people really think about you.

LOLcats App
– The LOLcats application has pictures of LOLcats integrated into Facebook profiles.

Mafia Wars
– Mafia Wars by Zynga is a popular Facebook application game where you build alliances with the mafia, grow your property, and fight other mobs.

– The Marketplace Application is where you can buy, sell, or rent anything you own through Facebook.

MediaFire Facebook App – The MediaFire Facebook application allows you to upload any type of file and share it with Facebook friends.

MindJolt Games – The MindJolt Games Facebook application has over 500 games that you can play with your friends.

Movies – The Movies Flixster Facebook application allows you to rate movies and share what movies you have seen.  There are over 100,000 movie trivia questions.  About 40 million people use Flixster.

Music by iLike
– The Music by iLike Facebook application lets you add music to your profile.  Musicians and artists can create artist pages.

– The My BFFs application adds a box with the list of your BFFs in your profile.

My Documents – The My Documents Facebook application allows you to post any document to share with your friends on Facebook.  It can be in any file format too.

My Netflix Movies App
– The My Netflix Movies is a Facebook application that automatically posts your Netflix movies to your Facebook page.  You can recommend movies and see which movies your friends have seen.

My Personality – The My Personality Facebook application asks you questions from a real psychological questionnaire.  After you answer, this application will tell you about your personality and will compare you with your friends.

– The Neighborhoods Facebook application encourages you to connect with people in your neighborhood.

Pet Society – Pet Society is a Facebook application owned by EA where you can grow and raise your own virtual pet.

– PetVille by Zynga is a popular game where you can raise, dress, and care for your virtual pet.

Picnik Facebook App – The Picnik Facebook application allows you to edit your photos on the social network.

Pieces of Flair
– The Pieces of Flair Facebook application lets you show off your interests with buttons.  You can also send buttons to your friends as gifts.

Pink Ribbon
– The Pink Ribbon Facebook application shows your support in Breast Cancer awareness.

– The Poll Facebook application lets you add a poll to your profile for your friends to vote on.

Promotions For Fan Pages – The Promotions for Face Pages application allows companies and agencies to create and launch interactive marketing campaigns for their Facebook fan pages.  This application has been verified by Facebook.

PuzzleBee App
– The PuzzleBee Jigsaw Puzzles application allows you to create jigsaw puzzles from your own photos and share them with friends.

– The Quizzes Application lets you go through a million different user generated quizzes.  You can also edit and create your own quizzes.

Red Bull App
– If you like rock-paper-scissors and Redbull, then you might like this application.

Roomster App
– The Roomster Facebook application lets you post and search for apartments and subleases.

RSS Graffiti
– The RSS Graffiti application checks the RSS/Atom feeds of websites that you specifies and adds it to walls that you specify.  It works with multiple feeds too.

Scrubs Quotes Facebook App
– The Scrubs Quotes Facebook application allows you to add a widget that contains some of the funniest quotes.

Seinfeld Quotes Facebook App
– “No soup for you!” This application displays funny lines from the classic hit TV sitcom.

Shakespeare Quotes App
– The Shakespeare quotes application shows some of the most interesting passages from the plays of Shakespeare.

Simple Photo Uploader
– The Simple Photo Uploader service allows you to upload photos in bulk to Facebook.

Sketch Me – The Sketch Me Facebook application gives you a free pencil sketch based on your profile photo.

– The SlickDeals Facebook application sends you a notification when a deal you are interested in is available depending on your criteria.

SlideShare App – The SlideShare application is a community for sharing presentations.  Through this app, you can share presentations with the Facebook community.

– The SkypeMe Facebook application adds Skype functions to your Facebook profile.

Social Interview
– This application asks you 20-25 questions about your friends and your life.  This application became very popular since they launched.  Millions of Facebook users are active on Social Interview.

South Park Character Creator App
– The South Park Character Creator App lets you make a picture of yourself that resembles a South Park character.

Star Trek Quotes Facebook App
– “Live long and prosper.” The Star Trek Quotes Facebook application is for all of you Trekkies out there.

Starbucks Card
– The Starbucks Card application lets you manage your Starbucks Card and view your rewards within Facebook.

Stocks – The Forbes Stock Tracker lets you track news about companies that you are interested in and find out what stocks your friends are tracking.

– SuperPoke is a popular Facebook application where you can do more than just poke your friends. You can also “chest bump” and “high five” your friends using this app.

Sweeps For Fan Pages
– The Sweepstakes for Fan Pages allows companies to create and launch sweepstakes on branded Facebook Fan Pages.

Tarot Cards App
– The Daily Tarot Cards App gives adds a daily tarot card to your profile.

Testimonials – The Testimonials Facebook application lets you leave testimonials and references about your friends.  Remember this feature from Friendster?

Texas Hold Em’ Poker App – The Texas Hold Em’ Poker App by Zynga is a popular Facebook application where you can play the popular card game with your friends.

Treasure Isle – Treasure Isle is a popular Facebook gaming application created by Zynga where you become a famous adventurer.  In this application, you can dig for virtual treasure with your friends.

Top Friends
– The Top Friends Facebook application allows you to show who your favorite friends are. The service is powered by

Total Sports Fans
– The Total Sports Fans application allows you to add all of your favorite teams to your profile.

Traveler IQ Challenge
– The Traveler IQ Challenge Facebook application asks you questions from the global IQ tests of different locations.

TripAdvisor’s Cities I’ve Visited App
– This application creates an interactive travel map that shows your friends which cities you have visited.

Typing Speed
– The Typing Speed application checks to see how fast you can type.  You can also compete against your friends.

Twitter Facebook App – The Twitter Facebook application lets you update your Facebook status using a Twitter service.

VideoGames App
– The VideoGames Facebook application lets you share information with your friends about what games you have and what you are willing to swap.

Web Sudoku App
– The web Sudoku Facebook application displays multiple difficult levels for your Facebook profile page.

WereWolves App
– The WereWolves App lets you customize a werewolf avatar to complement your Facebook profile.

What’s Your Stripper Name App
– Apparently every Facebook user has a stripper name.  This application will tell you what the stripper name is for you and your friends.

Where I’ve Been Facebook App
– The Where I’ve Been Facebook application shows people where you have been and lived.

WordPress Facebook App
– The WordPress Facebook application allows you to import blog entries from your WordPress blog.

Xbox Live App – The Xbox Live App displays your Xbox Live username on your Facebook profile.

Zimride – Zimride is a Facebook application where people can ask to share a ride if they are going in the same direction.

Zoho Online Office App
– The Zoho Facebook application allows you to work on documents from within Facebook itself.

Zombies App
– The Zombies Facebook application lets you customize zombie avatars. You can unlock achievements and quests in this game.

Zoo World – The Zoo World Facebook applicaiton is a game where you collect exotic animals and grow your own virtual zoo.

This article was written by Amit Chowdhry. You can follow me at @amitchowdhry or on Google+ at

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