Apple Manager Paul Shin Devine Arrested For Accepting Kickbacks

Paul Shin Devine was a midlevel manager for Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) that was arrested on Friday for accepting $1 million in kickbacks. Devine took the kickbacks from about half a dozen Asian iPhone and iPod supplier companies. Devine was arrested as part of a federal indictment unsealed and a separate civil lawsuit according to Mercury News.

Apple global supply manager Paul Devine and Andrew Ang were both named as part of a 23-count federal grand jury indictment for wire fraud, money laundering, and for accepting kickbacks.

Devine and Ang used a chain of U.S. and foreign bank accounts along with a front company to receive the payments. The code word “sample” was used often to hide the payments from Apple co-workers.

Devine used his position at Apple to get his hands about confidential information. This information was transmitted to Apple suppliers. The name of the suppliers that paid for the confidential information was unnamed.

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Apple Manager Paul Shin Devine Arrested For Accepting Kickbacks Comments

  1. john conner says:

    Wow, another black eye for Apple. Not good timing. I'd love to be a fly on the wall when Jobs heard about this one.

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