How To Use Facebook Check-In Service Facebook Places

Facebook launched a new check-in service called Facebook Places. Facebook Places is very similar to Foursquare. Currently Facebook Places in not available in most regions, but it will be soon enough. For those of you that have access to Facebook Places right now, here is a tutorial on how to use it:

1. Update the latest version of the Facebook application.
2. Click on the main menu by tapping on the thumbnails icon at the top left of the app.
3. Select “Places”
4. Tap the Check In button
5. After that, you are shown a list of nearby places.
6. You have the option of tagging friends that are with you and you can also write what you are doing.
7. Click Check-In after you are done filling in the information
8. You might see a warning that says “After you check in, friends can see where you are. You and your friends will also be able to check each other in whenever you go.”
9. You will also be able to click on Like or Comment on recent Facebook Places friends activities.
10. If a venue is not listed in Facebook Places, then you can manually add the information yourself by tapping on the + icon.
11. When you add a new place, you also have to add the name and description. After that you have to verify the location on a map.
12. If you don’t have an iPhone, you can access Facebook Places from

Facebook places product manager Michael Eyal Sharon graduated in the same NYU program as Foursquare founder Dennis Crowley according to BusinessInsider. Both graduated from the NYU Interactive Telecommunications Program (ITP). Crowley built his first start-up Dodgeball with his ITP classmate Alex Rainert. Rainert is currently the Foursquare head of product.

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How To Use Facebook Check-In Service Facebook Places Comments

  1. Carmen Summers says:

    This is horrible! It allows preditors to know where our kids are and makes them easy targets!

    • Amanda says:

      If your child knows what privacy settings are and is smart enough not to just add anyone to their facebook, then there shouldn't be any safety issues. You get to choose who sees your information. Don't blame facebook because you don't monitor what your child does on the internet or they aren't old enough to make basic common sense decisions.

      • Ally says:

        Way to be a douchebag. I don't have kids and yet I know that (1) they mostly have bad decision making skills and (2) you can't monitor what they are doing all the time, that's impossible. I hope you smarten up before you have any of your own.

        • SAK says:

          if you havent educated your children on the importance of privacy settings and internet safety they shouldnt be online! If you dont teach them its kind of your fault

          • Ysaac says:

            I agree. Teach them how to be online and use mobile phones or don't let them use either unsupervised.

      • Tiff says:

        wow…so ignorant..

      • Jared says:

        why would you buy your child an smart phone to begin with? if they have a smart phone they themselves should be smart enough to use it properly

      • noemi says:

        Amanda KIDS do not have any business using facebook until they are 18 years old…Period…PERIOD

    • Vernon J says:


      I know it's tough & all being a parent, but that's what parenting is about.

      If you are afraid that your kids will be troubled by a predator. Maybe you should start being a watchful parent.

      Vernon J

      Omaha, NE 68131

    • guest says:

      Kids shouldnt have cell phones anyway

    • Patrick says:

      It also lets me know where the deadbeats are so you can go collect payment. Who cares about kids anyway? Just make sure they're not deadbeats and you have nothing to worry about.


      Do you really think a 'predator' is going to log onto Facebook places to find prey? No, they aren't. They're going to get in the car with a fresh sack of candy and drive to the playground.

      Can you help me find my puppy? Hes really really cute.

    • Chuck says:

      I realize you are just concerned about the safety of kids. However, if you have kids who are on facebook you should monitor who they are conversing with. If you don't have time to "police" them, don't give them access to facebook.

    • Common Sense says:

      Then don't use the app or don't use the check in feature. DuH

    • Joe Taxpayer says:

      Learn how to spell, stop having children and get a job. The order of which you do this is unimportant just make sure to do all three! Thanks

    • prawns says:

      total control is horrible, but for completely different reason. i recomend a book "nineteen eighty-four" for understanding of the concept and potential consequences.

      however, speaking of kids: why should – warning warning – a… PREDATOR hunt for a kid for weeks, if they can simply go to a street and commit the crime. in the end of the day all that "facebook hunting" fuss comes to the same point, doesn't it?

      and for the record, i'm not saying that there's no danger, nor kids are not prone to harrassment. i claim there is a danger in controlling everybody's physical presence, but it's more for us, adults, than kids.

    • noemi says:

      firstable facebook is not for KIDS, you have to be 18 year old and follow the rules!

    • surreptitous pip says:

      Yes, even as an adult using a service this always creeps me out too. And yet, like every other crazy social adaptation, I am getting used to the idea. I view it like every other unavoidable facet of life, you learn to be safe within it. You cant stop your walk to the parking garage after work, but you can carry pepper spray – and if you want to be flashy, a small garter belt pistol ;)

  2. duh says:

    learn to spell, carmen

  3. Anon says:

    Maybe your kids shouldn't be on Facebook in the first place, much less toting around a smart phone, you moron.

    • brad says:

      no shit, facebook used to be a place for college students ONLY WTF happend to that !!!

      • mrkevin bacone says:

        Well you see… What happened was is Mark Zuckerburg improved upon on idea of which its basis was stolen from some other righteous college doooodddsssss. Then Mark Zuckerburg was like hey Sean Parker come be my partner and then they kicked the jewish guy out and pretty much destroyed his ownership in the company. Well after this happened the jewish guy was outraged and he then sued Mark Zuckerburg and it settled for an undisclosed sum. You see, Mark Zuckerburg is rich bitch and he can does whatever he wants to does with facebook.

  4. Mr. Child Predator says:

    I think it's a fantastic idea!!!

  5. Andrew says:

    parents who give their child a smartphone are idiots. a smartphone it built for business purpose. i dont think any child NEEDS to check their email or have stock updates.

  6. Mr. Child Preditor says:

    Wait… I've been spelling my name wrong this whole time!?

  7. The Alian says:

    You guys are too funny.

    Question: Would preditors necessarily buy an iPhone just so they predit on kids?

  8. Dave brown says:

    i cant check in on my phone….i have the places tab but there is no place to check in or share my location…i went to and cant figure it out and i have a blackberry tour?????

    • Anonymous says:

      I have the Blackberry Tour as well – the Places tab is blank.

      I'm guessing this application is only available to iPhone and Android users :/

    • Someone says:

      If you have it, you may need to go into your phone settings to something like "location and security" to turn on the "use wireless networks".

  9. Jessie says:

    Is this only good for an iphone? I have a black berry and I dont have the places icon :(

  10. Mrs. Child Predator says:

    I have the Blackberry Curve (not sure if that makes a difference) but I also can't seem to access this application. Must be only for the Iphone??

  11. David says:

    Wow, I agree with parents being responsible argument…

    Android ftw btw…

    And if you can't spell correctly, please go back to school yourself and get some more education instead of smashing on a website designed to keep friends and family in touch no matter the distance or locale.

  12. Miss Who cares says:

    Wow, I think you all need to pick up a hobby…you realize you people are sitting here arguing about facebook?

  13. Sir Diddles says:

    you all need to get a life! and so do I :(

  14. omgihatefb says:

    -FOR BLACKBERRYS, You need to go to settings>advanced settings>And turn on your gps.
    THAT will activate the check in.

  15. Jessica says:

    It just seems like the government is all about knowing our whereabouts on a way higher more discreet level.

  16. flammablepiss says:

    for people that have blackberrys, symbian or android phones, you can check in by going to: and clicking on the "places" tap in the top right hand corner !

  17. Chuck says:

    It just lets the robbers know when your not home,I think its not a great idea, to tell the whole world where you are at a given moment,Really how give a shit!!! I like the good old days,when you called someone & there was no answer,no voice mail,no e-mail,You would just assume they were not home and call back ! what a concept …..Ha Ha

  18. Herminy Drongales says:

    omg this is the best thing since sliced bread

  19. gimme your privacy says:

    where is the "i dont give a shit button" ?? who gives a .fuck where u at??

  20. Cierra says:

    Why can't I check in on my iphone?!

  21. Eli says:

    how do you add the map to the check in?

  22. chuck says:

    What phones can you do this on. I have an LG quantum will it work on that as well

  23. Allie says:

    Acting childish by making fun of someone's spelling errors? Wow. I think some people need hobbies. Grow up. Have fun in high school tomorrow.

  24. Someone says:

    If you have it, you may need to go into your phone settings to something like "location and security" to turn on the "use wireless networks" or "activate GPS".

  25. Kirstie says:

    Hahahaha. I found this whole "argument" quite hilarious considering that most of you are more than likely grown adults and you're arguing on a forum about this, like it's going to change something. I don't personally like the "check in" feature because I think it's pointless and stupid. But all in all, you're responsible for the safety of your child and what they know between "right" and "wrong" is up to you to teach them. I would hope that if you think this "feature" or "facebook" is unsafe or an issue…that you wouldn't allow your child to use it until they reach a certain age that you believe they are responsible enough.

  26. May says:

    Anyhoo………can a Samsung Rogue be used for Check-Ins? Laptops can be used, right? I feel dumb. And I'm a Gen Y. :(

  27. taylor says:

    not everyone has a iphone, black berry, or android… or ipod touch for that matter

  28. preddy mcpredster says:

    i am a predator! I had never thought to buy a smartphone to check in on the kiddies. i guess it's time to throw away my Krazr. thanks for the great predatoring ideas!

  29. Carman says:

    douchebags saying a predator…bitching..

  30. Carman is a bitch says:

    ya'l are are queers

  31. swariath says:

    hey how can a nokia cell phones user can use this check-in app? please do reply

  32. Michael Robinson says:

    This is a plug, but our signs do work to help businesses get check-ins. go to



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