15 Year Old Stephen Ou Creates iTunes Instant

After Google launched Google Instant, a couple of similar websites popped up by independent developers that emulate a similar concept. Google Maps Instant and YouTube Instant was created shortly after Google Instant. YouTube Instant helped Feross Aboukhadijeh get a job at YouTube.

Now there is iTunes Instant. iTunes Instant is a search engine for iTunes that pulls up results as you type in the search bar. Stephen Ou created iTunes instant because “Search within iTunes.app is extremely slow and cluster, I’ve never used it. So I use Apple’s Search API instead, and develop[ed] this app in less than three hours that will make your life better.”

Ou plans to use this service to make money using Apple’s Affiliate links. “If you click on a link and buy an item in iTunes, I will earn 5% commission. I won’t make loads of money, but it does always help,” said Ou.


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15 Year Old Stephen Ou Creates iTunes Instant Comments

  1. POC says:

    iTunes instant search is a utility that creates instant iTunes search results as users look for downloads from the iTunes Store.
    Facebook Instant Search in all posts publics is a utility that creates instant facebook results on all public posts

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