Putting Itself Up For Sale

Domain name registration and web hosting company is putting itself up for sale. GoDaddy could sell to a private equity firm for over $1 billion according to a report.

Qatalyst Partners is working with the Go Daddy Group, parent company of to be sold. GoDaddy is known for racy television ads. GoDaddy is an attractive option because they make a lot of money from monthly subscriptions.

GoDaddy made between $750 and $800 million in 2009 revenue. Some people expected GoDaddy to go public years ago, but the deal never took place. This past year was sold to by P.E. firm Vector Capital for $135 million.


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  1. mba school interview says:

    The .99 domains gets people to sign up and their monthly add-ons such as privacy keeps the money rolling in. Other registrars provide free privacy options, but many of my sites were registered with GoDaddy due to the .99 promos. My guess is that they lose money on these until a certain amount of people do these add-on packages.

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