Microsoft IE9 Has HTML5 Integration

Earlier this week Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) announced Internet Explorer 9 in San Francisco. The browser has the fully hardware accelerated HTML5 experience built in to the new browser. CSS3 is also supported in the new browser.

Some of the new Bing features in IE9 include:
– Query to results: Smooth transitions from search page to results
– Quick Tabs/Visual Search: An application-like experience
– Images/Videos/Texts: Previews are bigger and easier to trigger
– Scrolling: Search history, related search, and the search box are locked in place as you scroll
– Animations: HTML5 helps make animation “come alive”
– Jump List: This is a pre-programmed list that lets you jump from task-to-task like Travel, Maps, News, or Shopping.

Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 will not work on Windows XP. In fact, the new browser will only work on Windows 7.

[Jeff Henshaw, Director of Bing User Experience]


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  1. Sean Browne says:

    Internet Explorer 9!!!! Sounds like it should be a good one. I like how Internet Explorer continues to adapt and polish itself time after time. I can't wait to start using this.

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