Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss On Reopening Lawsuit Against Facebook [VIDEO]

Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss both appeared on the Today Show to discuss why they are reopening their lawsuit against Facebook. Supposedly the Winklevoss twins were paid $65 million as part of the settlement. But the twins deflected the question about how much they made from the settlement in the interview. The twins want the settlement vacated because they were misinformed about how much Facebook is worth as discovered by leaked IM conversations of Mark Zuckerberg making fun of how little the twins were paid to settle. This is one of the major themes of the Facebook-inspired movie The Social Network. Check out the video below:

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Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss On Reopening Lawsuit Against Facebook [VIDEO] Comments

  1. Bstopes says:

    65 million, that is what is wrong with our county, GREED. I would think they would be happy with getting paid that much money. They didnt have to do any work to get it. Basically they were paid 65 million for an idea…be happy.

  2. Jim says:

    Poor stupid bastards …..or maybe it's just greedy bastards….stole their idea….and wat have they done to develop this idea but to hire attornies and sue to get paid off. Just STFU and go live your life you greedy little weasels!

  3. Paulo says:

    Ideas, money-eas. These "twins" guys didn't have the gumption or experience to create such a product.

    THEY wanted to create a "dating service".

    So, someone with the know-how whom can "create" also got ideas and made it happen with a NEW product. Surely, these smart guys and their father had heard of "Non-Compete" and/or "Non-Disclosure" contracts. Otherwise, they need to "shut-up" and try to come up with their own product. The true Facebook creator is due the spoils, not a couple of greedy non-performing, "hanger-ons", looking for a prize, after the fact.

    They shouldn't try to snare someone whom was creative enough to come up with a truly successful venture.

  4. sarah says:

    These boys are pathetic. They are just mad that they were not smart enough to do this on their own. Greed is right. They need to move on and I hope the court tells them to grow up.

  5. Cesar says:

    Tyler, believe me when I say that I know what is to have an revolutionary idea and been waiting that not other start it first.
    I am in that situation right now. If you want to create a success greater than face book find the way to reach me asap.Thanks

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