200,000 iPhone 4 Pre-Orders Made In China; Thousands Wait In Line At Store [VIDEO]

The original iPhone was not greeted well in China. Supposedly China Unicom signed up only 5,000 subscribers. The iPhone 4 was launched this past Saturday in China. Over 200,000 people in China pre-ordered the iPhone 4 according to China Unicom. At 8AM when China Unicom opened the doors to the new Apple store at the Joy City shopping mall in Beijing, there was a line of about 1,000 people.

“It’s like waiting in line to see a movie star,” stated Computerworld reporter Sun Jian Kuan. “No phone can best the iPhone.”

One of the biggest differences between the iPhone 4 now and the original iPhone is that the Chinese government did not intervene as much this time around. The original iPhone in China was made without a WiFi receiver.

The price is also substantially different for the iPhone 4 in China now too. A contract-free 32GB iPhone 3GS was being sold for $1,033 last year. This year it costs 5,999 yuan ($905) without contract. The 16GB model sells for 4,999 yuan ($754). China Unicom reporter over 40,000 of its customers purchased the iPhone 4. Below is a video of the store’s opening:


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200,000 iPhone 4 Pre-Orders Made In China; Thousands Wait In Line At Store [VIDEO] Comments

  1. tristan thomas says:

    Although the iPhone is selling out at such a pace in Chine doesn't mean very much. The iPhone 4 has the same issue it had when it intitionaly launched.

    This problem even caused the iPhone 4 to be removed from the top ten. There is an article about it here: http://getyourgadgetsgoing.com/2010/07/25/iphone-…

    What do you think of all this?

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