12seconds Is Shutting Down

About 18 months after starting, 12seconds is shutting down. 12seconds is a service that complements Twitter. Just like how Twitter only allows you to send under 140 characters, 12seconds let you send under 12 seconds of video. 12seconds did not receive the traction that they were hoping for. 12seconds co-founder Sol Lipman said that traffic is essentially the same as when they launched two years ago.

Another challenge for 12seconds is that Twitter is picking and choosing which third party applications they want to focus on. “I don’t really see the growth in Twitter that we were seeing [back when we launched]. I don’t see it as an explosive growth opportunity right now for a third-party application builder,” said Lipman in an interview with Mashable. Sol Lipman and Jacob Knobel recently sold a company called RallyUp to AOL.


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