Checking In To Conan O’Brien’s Blimp Will Get You A Foursquare Badge

As part of a promotion for Conan O’Brien’s new show on TBS, the comedian is working with Foursquare. Working with AT&T, Team Coco launched The Conan Blimp to fly around the East Coast in the U.S. So far the blimp has been spotted flying around Philadelphia and New York. If you see the larege orange blimp hovering above your head, you should be able to check in to the blimp with Foursquare on your mobile device. This will unlock a Conan badge for you on Foursquare. The blimp will be flying around the East Coast throughout October. [Mashable]

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Checking In To Conan O’Brien’s Blimp Will Get You A Foursquare Badge Comments

  1. Chris says:

    I saw this blimp over Barrington, New Jersey. Somebody said, I think it says,
    "Conair". It didn't look like the tire one and it wasn't green like the film. I quickly snapped two pictures of it with my phone. Now I have a picture of an upside down boat in Schitt's Creek, Florida, my car buried in a snowstorm, a home baked strawberry shortcake, the Nets getting on a bus at Madison Square Garden and Conan's blimp.

  2. V. Whirley says:

    My six year old grandson called and told me he saw three red lights up in the sky. The back light was not blinking, but the two up front were. He said the lights were in the form of a triangle. I told him that me and his Papa would follow it and see just what it was. So we followed and watched The Conan TBS blimp land at the Dinwiddie County, Virginia Airport, on Sat. 10/23/10 around 11:30 p.m. We called our grandson back and told him the mystery of the triangular red lights had been solved. He was glad!

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