Vickram Bedi and Helga Invarsdottir Accused For Tricking Musician In $6 Million Virus Scam

Vickram Bedi and Helga Invarsdottir are both being accused for tricking a musician into paying them $6 million. Vickram Bedi and his girlfriend Helga Invarsdottir supposedly convinced Roger Davidson that he had a virus on his computer and it was part of a big conspiracy against him.

Vickram and Helga told Davidson that he would need physical protection from the virus’ creators that are based in the Honduras. The couple also convinced Davidson that Polish priests affiliated with the Opus Dei were going to harm him unless they received protection from them also.

Davidson went to Bedi’s computer shop in Mount Kisco, New York back in 2004 called Datalink. Davidson went to the computer shop because he was worried that his music composition files would be lost because of the virus.

Along with convincing Davidson about the Opus Pei, Bedi also convinced the victim that he was subcontracted with the CIA to perform work which would prevent attempts by Polish priests to infiltrate the U.S. government. Bedi and Invarsdottir were both charged with grand larceny. Their bail was set at $5 million and they had to give up their passports.


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Vickram Bedi and Helga Invarsdottir Accused For Tricking Musician In $6 Million Virus Scam Comments

  1. Jama says:

    Truely nonsense, How can this man have contracts and then claim fraud. There is more to this story than this. This is just one sided commentary.

  2. Jagrat Singh says:

    Roger Davidson is not a model citizen. He raped his own cousin, and wanted to know if the virus had tracked down the fact that he never paid any taxes on his so called inheritance which actually was money he and his brothers conspired to hide from taxes for 60 years. He was not duped, he dupes people. He in fact has lawsuits with Wachovia bank and everybody he is contact with. He tells people he is the brother of Jesus and Buddha was reborn as Mohammad. This is a very very evil bastard. The victims here are Helga and Vickram.

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