100 Images Of Body Scans From Florida Security Checkpoint Is Leaked

The U.S. Marshals Service said that images from federal agencies would not be stored. It turns out that 35,000 images from a scanner at a security checkpoint at a courthouse in Florida has been saved. And hundreds of those images have been leaked by Gizmodo.

Gizmodo received and shared the images through the Freedom of Information Act. The images were taken using millimeter wave scanners that was manufactured by Brijot Imaging Systems Inc. Images produced resemble “blurry negatives” with a “humanoid form.”

We understand that it will be controversial to release these photographs. But identifying features have been eliminated. And fortunately for those who walked through the scanner in Florida last year, this mismanaged machine used the less embarrassing imaging technique.

Yet the leaking of these photographs demonstrates the security limitations of not just this particular machine, but millimeter wave and x-ray backscatter body scanners operated by federal employees in our courthouses and by TSA officers in airports across the country. That we can see these images today almost guarantees that others will be seeing similar images in the future. If you’re lucky, it might even be a picture of you or your family.


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