Non-iPhone Smartphone Owners Are Not Loyal To Brand [SURVEY]

According to a survey by GfK, smartphone owners show very little loyalty to the brand they have. About 56% of global smartphone owners in the key global markets remain open about the next brand of phone they get. Apple seems to be the only company that has a strong loyalty. “Loyalty with a handset is a lot more complicated these days in that people buy into experiences at the high-end level,” stated the survey lead analyst Ryan Garner.

In the survey, about 25% of smartphone owners planned on staying loyal to the operating system that their phone runs on. About 59% of Apple users said that they plan on staying loyal. And about 35% of BlackBerry said that they would stay loyal. Google Android had 28% and Nokia had 24%.

The sample size of the survey was 2,653 people across the U.S., China, Brazil, Germany, Spain, and Britain between October and November.


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Non-iPhone Smartphone Owners Are Not Loyal To Brand [SURVEY] Comments

  1. @Tris36 says:

    Just because Apple has more loyal subscribers does not mean anything. Why do I say this? That would have to be because Android is still surging in market share while Apple is loosing. So my next question is if Android users want to leave Android where are they going? Statistically it is definitely not Apple.

    Even Daring fireball’s John Grubber thinks ” Android is winning”

    check out the article here:…

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