Facebook Android Application Now Has Chat

Facebook has updated their Android application so that it now has chat built-in with push notifications. Previously Facebook Chat could have been accessed using the Trillian for Android application. The Facebook Chat on Android has the full buddy list and open chats at the top for quicker access. The application is available for free — search Facebook on your Android device in the Android Market. [Droid-Life]

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Facebook Android Application Now Has Chat Comments

  1. Phil4 says:

    Check ReChat (facebook chat for android): http://refineandroid.doodlekit.com/
    – multiple accounts;
    – plain/bubble views. Customize avatar/font sizes.
    – font packs (download separate apk to keep memory).
    – full Unicode support;
    – customize income message notification: default sound/your sound file, LED, vibration, status bar notification.
    – chat history. Export (email) selected messages, open chat messages, whole history for a contact, whole history for all contacts. Archive attachment with 7zip.

    Facebook features:
    – all non-chat permissions are revoked, customize period.
    – upload image (several share options)
    – send image to a contact (private wall post).
    – send message to a contact (as a private event or private wall post).
    – set status message.

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