Sizhao Yang, Paige Craig, and George Ishii Working On Stealth Company BetterWorks

BetterWorks is a company that is currently in stealth mode. BetterWorks plans on allowing “business owners to create rewarding work environments quickly, easily and affordably.” What makes BetterWorks interesting is the team that co-founded the company.

The team that co-founded BetterWorks include:
– Zao Yang – an original team member that created Zynga’s FarmVille game.
РPaige Craig РAn angel investor in,, Knowem,,, Social Something…, Klout, ExpenseBay, Metricly, TakeComics, LaughStub, and Mobstreams.
– George Ishii – Co-founder of and Yammer

BetterWorks is being run by an all-star team here and it will be interesting to see what they come up with. Stay tuned to BetterWorks updates in the future on as the company exits out of stealth mode.


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