Acquires Online Conferencing Company DimDim For $31 Million, Inc. (NYSE:CRM) has announced that they have acquired DimDim, a web conferencing company. paid $31 million in cash for the company. DimDim previously raised $9 million in venture capital funding. To use DimDim, you do not need to install any desktop software.

Users can share documents, share a whiteboard, and video/phone conference through DimDim. plans to roll DimDim into their own web based collaboration software. Salesforce is even considering rolling DimDim technology into their existing service called Chatter.

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  1. @carmellaD says:

    What a lost for a great online education tool that was reasonably priced. Kudos for the guys who started DIMDIM because they made a bundle in the sale.

    • A.Khot says:

      Congratulation DimDim….they made a bundle in the sale true.
      I know the efforts the team has put in….for the past almost 4+ yrs

  2. Danny Lieberman says:

    Welcome to the big city – we're an enterprise customer, using DimDim as part of our social networking application for bio-pharma and I got this email this morning:

    While your Dimdim Enterprise service will remain fully operational during the life of your current contract, we will discontinue the service on the date the contract expires and will not be offering any renewals or extensions.

    So – this is either an opportunity to leverage a business partnership with or an opportunity to write off the investment customers made in DimDim integration.

  3. Boss Presentonlinenow says:

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  4. whizmeeting says:

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  5. Alex says:

    For an inexpensive alternative to DimDim, check out this GoMeetNow is a screen sharing and webinar solution which also supports videos and audio conferencing.

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