Sennheiser CXC 700 Ear-Canal Phones Have Three Levels Of Noise-Cancellation

At CES Sennheiser has announced the CXC 700 ear canal phones. The CXC 700 has three levels of noise cancellation, each with different optimization settings. Mode 1 noise cancellation absorbs low-frequency noise (100-400Hz) like buses, trains, planes. Mode 2 cancels noise from medium frequencies (400-3,000Hz) like large aircrafts and office buildings. Mode 3 focuses on the wide frequency range (100-3,000Hz) which combines Mode 1 and Mode 2. The ear canal phones also have a TalkThrough function if you want to have a conversation with someone without removing the headphones. The TalkThrough function is activated with an acoustic and visual signal. The CXC 700 will be available later this month for $320. [Sennheiser Press Release]

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