Comcast Allowed To Acquire NBC, But Not Control Hulu

The federal government is allowing Comcast Corporation (NASDAQ:CMCSA) to merge with NBC, but there are limitations. Comcast will not be allowed to sabotage when buying NBC. Comcast’s acquisition of NBC was worth about $30 billion. Media industry executives were interested to see how Comcast would influence NBC Universal helped create Hulu and owns about 30% of the website.

“Comcast has an incentive to prevent Hulu from becoming an even more attractive avenue for viewing video programming because Hulu would then exert increased competitive pressure on Comcast’s cable business. If the proposed transaction were to be consummated without conditions, [Comcast] would hold seats on Hulu’s board of directors and could exercise their voting and other governance rights to compromise strategic and competitive initiatives Hulu may wish to pursue,” stated the U.S. Justice Department in a court filing.

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Comcast Allowed To Acquire NBC, But Not Control Hulu Comments

  1. Franklyn Galusha says:

    Let's hope hulu is able to continue to grow and expand its program offerings without hindrance from Comcast. Many consumers like myself have rejected local Tv cable access in favor of hulu plus. Hulu plus is not perfect there are still problems with programming stalling and stopping. However this is to be expected during rapid growth periods. Looking forward to more great programming from hulu.

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