Joshua Seal Kidnaps His Son-In-Law Allen Begley, But Trades Him For An Xbox 360 [HALL OF SHAME]

Here’s an interesting story: Joshua Seal had recently kidnapped his employee Allen Begley, who is also his son-in-law. Seal thought that Begley stole $245 worth of rings from a job site, which would negatively effect his business.

Seal had even beat his son in law before letting him go free in exchange for the neighbor’s Xbox 360. Joshua Seal and another employee Bradley Marshall had captured Begley by telling him that they needed help moving a saw. Marshall and Seal took Begley to a room, locked the door, and beat him mercilessly.

Begley told the kidnappers that he didn’t have the money. So he called his friends and family and tried to get some cash. Linda Begley, the mother-in-law of Allen got a call from Allen around 3:30-4 on Sunday afternoon — he was crying and was upset. Joshua Seal told Linda that he already gave Allen a black eye and would continue to beat him until he got some money. Linda contacted a neighbor, who offered Joshua an Xbox 360 in exchange for Allen. Both of the parties met at a convenience store for the exchange.

Begley called the police beforehand and they arrested Joshua Seal at the scene. Marshall turned himself in at the Justice Center. Both of these men are being charged with Especially Aggravated Kidnapping. Just the thought of being traded for a gaming console is disturbing. I would be just as disturbed as Woody Harrelson when he was traded for a washing machine in the movie Semi-Pro. This story is going in the Hall of Shame.

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Joshua Seal Kidnaps His Son-In-Law Allen Begley, But Trades Him For An Xbox 360 [HALL OF SHAME] Comments

  1. unknown says:

    i know this boys mom and things like this hurt other to not just the ass holes that did this but the boy they did this to but his family you ppl think your funny but what if this was your son that some asshole did this to thinking they are above the law and can hurt and do what they want to ppl sick sick sick

    • james says:

      whats bad is you try to help ppl and they wanna take things that dont belong to them i know josh personally and know the story allens mom pawned the rings so her being hurt from this is weird he did what he had to do and if you would have stole from me im old school and a good person but i can say id whoop your butt to in the future i would recommend you keep your hands off things that dont belong to you go out like normal ppl and work for what you want………..maybe get help because i know over 10 ppl personally that allen had stolen things from but he still walks the streets hmmmm for your thoughts

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