15 Of The Best Free File Encryption Software and Tools

In order to protect data storage on computer disks, encryption is necessary.  Disk encryption allows data to remain protected even when the operating system is not active.  The files can be decrypted again when an authorized user requests it by supplying a password when it is opened.  Below is a list of 15 of the best free file encryption software and tools.

7-Zip (Windows)
7-Zip is open source software under the GNU LGPL license.  7-Zip has ZIP container-based AES-256 encryption.  You can easily create a compressed archive of files and add a password to it.

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15 Of The Best Free File Encryption Software and Tools Comments

  1. Akash Shastri says:

    Pretty nice list. But you missed to include Conjurers Encrypter which is easy to use and also has anti-brute force technology.

  2. Brian Wang says:

    What about www.lokibit.com? There is the cryptographic encryptor that I use. ***P.S: I extracted from the Zip instead of the downloader.

    *WARNING!!! Due to the low funding of the website, the downloaders will offer toolbars that were hard to erase AND WILL INSTALL TO YOUR COMPUTER WHEN YOU OPEN THE DOWNLOADERS. (I got rid of it from the virtual machine.)

    You should only download the Zip Archive package. (+scan)

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