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Groupon Super Bowl Ads Are Funny and Pokes Fun At Environmental Issues At The Same Time [VIDEOS]

Looks like Groupon is going for the “This is funny, but I feel bad for laughing” effect for their Super Bowl ads. Groupon has one ad where Cuba Gooding Jr. tells us that it is important to save the whales, but watching them is so much more fun. Timothy Hutton tells us that the Tibetan culture is at risk, but they make one mean fish curry. And Elizabeth Hurley tells us that saving the rainforest in Brazil is important, but deforestation might not be a bad thing when saving money on a Brazilian wax. Check out the three videos below:

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Groupon Super Bowl Ads Are Funny and Pokes Fun At Environmental Issues At The Same Time [VIDEOS] Comments

  1. Nora says:

    Groupon does offer a lot of ways to save, but I'm not sure these commercials are going to go over well with many of their consumers. They really walk a fine line, and I think some people are going to be offended. I guess we will see what happens!

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  2. steve jeffersson says:

    I'm not an environmentalist but their ads were in poor taste. Even with poor taste aside, they were not funny at all.

  3. Barbara Huning says:

    I found them patently offensive. I'll go out of my way to avoid purchasing anything connected to this company. These ads portray the worse of American carelessness and ignorance. Completely tacky and rude.

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