Groupon CEO Andrew Mason Had Way Cooler Ideas

In an interview with Time, Groupon CEO Andrew Mason was quoted: “To me, as somebody who likes to come up with ideas, it’s kind of stupid,” he added: “Like, I’ve had way better ideas, way cooler ideas.” Turns out that the stupid idea of Groupon is really paying off. The company recently rejected a $6 billion offer from Google and they are hiring 100 more people every month.

Groupon has over 50 subscribers and is growing at 3 million per month. Groupon offers subscribers discounts on goods, services, and vacations. “We have a lot of options,” said Mason. “Every decision we make starts from this core of an idea that there will be a company that transforms the way people buy from local business. We can be one of the great defining brands of the 21st century.”


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