Facebook Dispute Leads To Fatal Stabbing In Brooklyn

There were two reasons that led to the MySpace user base exodus to Facebook: 1.) Facebook was a solid alternative 2.) MySpace was often seen as a catalyst for criminal activities. After reading the news about Kamisha Richards (left) and Kayla Henriques (right), it appears that Facebook is starting to be seen in the media as that same type of catalyst.

Kamisha Richards, 22, died after being stabbed with a steak knife inside an apartment in Brooklyn. Kayla Henriques, 18, was arrested as a result of the murder. The tragedy was caused after a $20 loan had turned into a Facebook status fight. Richards was dating Henriques’ brother Ramel and the two were lifelong friends too.

About 3 days before the stabbing took place, Richards lent Henriques $20 so that she could buy Pampers diapers for her 11 month old son. Richards was upset when she found out that Henriques spent the money on something else.

“U don’t do 4no 1. … I have no kids and I refuse 2take care of any1 elses so yeah I will be needing that $20. … this the last time u will con me into giving u money,” wrote Richards on Facebook.

Henriques replied saying: “Dnt try to expose me mama but I’m not tha type to thug it ova facebook see u wen u get frm wrk.” Richards followed that up by saying “Ima have the last laugh.” Henriques eerily replied “We will see.”

Henriques is an 11th grader at John Adams High School and Richards graduated from John Jay College with a degree in criminal justice. Richards worked at JPMorgan Chase in Manhattan as a security guard and was planning to attend Brooklyn Law School.

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  1. Alenda Ross Key says:

    I would like for all the tough young girls to read this especially the ones in Burlington County NJ. I am referring to Stack money and Pretty money. Do you see what can happen when you start fighting on FB? Two best friends got into a fight over 20 Dollars for diapers and now one of them is dead. Is it really worth it? Dying to prove a point? That you are the baddest bxtch? Wake up before somebody can't. It's not worth ya life grow up!

  2. Alenda Ross Key says:

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