1SaleADay Raises Tens Of Millions

1SaleADay is a daily deals website that has raised tens of millions of dollars. 1SalyADay has 5 websites across the network including 1SaleADay.com, Shadora.com, Ben’s Outlet, Dynamite Time, and GlassesUnlimited.com. These five websites reach around 1.5 million customers.

1SaleADay founder and CEO Ben Federman said that what makes them different from other daily deal websites like Groupon and LivingSocial is that they still to smaller margins. They don’t mark up products $5-$10 just because they have a large number of subscribers like other daily deal players do. 1SaleADay raised the funding from Optima Ventures, an affiliate of Optima International.


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1SaleADay Raises Tens Of Millions Comments

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