Restaurant Ordering Service GrubHub Raises $20 Million

GrubHub is a web and mobile service that has raised $20 million in Series D funding led by DAG Ventures and Benchmark Capital. The Series D round of funding will be used for research and development and acquisitions. GrubHub has raised a total of $34 million thus far.

“Right now, with over 13,000 restaurant menus on our site, we have one of the largest networks of independent restaurants,” stated GrubHub CEO Matt Maloney. “Within the next three months, we’ll list over 80,000 restaurants. By connecting hungry diners to all their neighborhood restaurants, we are providing a valuable service to consumers and restaurants.” GrubHub sent about $85 million worth of orders to restaurants in 2010.

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Restaurant Ordering Service GrubHub Raises $20 Million Comments

  1. Las Vegas says:

    Restaurants must have to work with web and mobile service like GrubHub in order to gain more customers. In this way too, they will be helped in making their services more accessible.

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